Since I was a child I was fascinated by drawing. I made dozens of drawings every day, until at the age of seven my father allowed me to use his calligraphy ink set, with which he had already sketched some comics.
He introduced me to perspective, calligraphy, the human figure and the color basic rules in landscape painting. He taught me the different techniques he had used.
He put his brushes and palette in my hands. Then his palette knives, spatulas, which I still use. He lent me books and guided me through his private art book library, and he gave me this precious advice

"... copy, practice and read, bow yourself humbly before the great masters, the ancient and the contemporary ones, study the theory of color, create, show your works, listen and correct the faults... later, after getting a favourable and positive art review then one is ready to approach synthesis and modern art."

He taught me to be responsible in the artistic arena.