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Biographical profile
Bernardo Juan Sincich (1931-2006) was born in Buenos Aires but spent most of his career in the town of Chamical, in the region known as Los Llanos de La Rioja, Argentina. 

After an initial period as a sketcher and illustrator in Buenos Aires, he settled in the province of La Rioja, where he developed his oil painting, revealing for the first time the landscape and life of the region. His vast pictorial production, which includes numerous individual and collective exhibitions, became a milestone beyond the limits of the province and the country itself...
As illustrator in Buenos Aires
1951 · Colaboration for the comic strip "Suspenso"
In 1950 he studied drawing at Carlos Clemen academy in Buenos Aires. In 1951, at the request of the director himself, he had to shorten the study course to publish in the long- lost magazine Filmograf · Brush & ink
As painter in La Rioja
Since 1964 he lived and produced artworks in Chamical, from where he makes himself known through his continuous work and through participation in numerous individual as well as collective exhibitions.
Press releases
Newspaper El Independiente · His portrait by the artist Midway
Press releases
1976 · Newspaper El Sol · Interview in his own studio in Chamical.
Press releases
1992 · Newspaper La Gaceta Riojana · Argentinian president Carlos Menem was given a signed oil lanscape as a present.
Landscape in The Vatican Museum
1995 · Pope John Paul II was given a present bought by La Rioja provincial government; this present was a a landscape painting from B. Sincich depicting Los Llanos region.
"Famatina de plata" Award
Bernardo Sincich was awarded his "Famatina de plata", a prize created by the provincial authorities as a means of recognition to Sincich continuous and outstanding cultural contribution.
Bernardo Sincich was also a kind and devoted man, involved in cultural and communal issues. He also taught painting in his own studio. Through his landscape painting and fascinated by the friendship of the locals, he adopted La Rioja as his homeland. 

He died in 2006, before his 75th birthday. His son Alejandro Sergio and his daughter Gabriela Gisela continue working in the plastic field. 

This marina painted some time before passing away probably shows one component which he loved most to include in his paintings: light.